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Little Angels Four-Year-Old Program

Half Day

Free Play  

Children explore and play with various activities of their choice.

Circle Time

Children start their day at circle. Attendance, calendar, prayers, show and tell, and weather are covered.

Large Group Activity Time

Children participate in a group activity with set directions to follow.

Reading Time


Children bring a snack and drink from home.

Religion (Tuesday & Thursday)

Math Time (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)

Children participate in various math activities that introduce them to numbers and simple addition.

Outside Play


Full Day

The first half of day is the same as the half day schedule. The second half of the day includes the following.

Lunch Time for Full-day Students

Story Time

Children sit and listen to a story. Children then discuss the story and retell parts of the story.

Rest Time

Children nap or rest quietly.

Snack Time

Children bring a snack and drink from home.

Activity Time

Children explore various math and reading centers, explore science, or become involved in an arts and crafts activity.

Class Meeting Time

Children come together on the carpet to discuss highlights of the day.


Tuesday – Library       Wednesday-Physical Education           Thursday – Art             Friday – Music

Learning Program

Review of Colors
Review of basic shapes (circle, square, rectangle, and triangle)
Introduction to new shapes (oval, ellipse, diamond, rhombus, and octagon)
Review of numbers 1 through 10
Introduction to numbers 11 through 20
Writing of numbers 1 through 10
Introduction to letters and sounds of the alphabet
Writing and recognition of first and last names
Tracing and cutting
Knowledge of age, birthday, address, and phone numbers
Patterning and sequencing
Knowledge of same and different
Knowledge of top, bottom, in front, and behind
Pledge of Allegiance
Community Helpers
Singing – music and movement

Religion Series: Pflaum Publishing – Seeds Program

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